About CBC and the Novo Nordisk Foundation

About the Copenhagen Bioscience Conference (CBC)

The Copenhagen Bioscience Conferences are a Novo Nordisk Foundation initiative aimed at bringing together frontier scientists in the fields of biomedicine and biotechnology.

The aim of the conferences is to raise international awareness of the Copenhagen Region as a stronghold in the research areas of the centers covering metabolism, stem cells, proteins and biosustainability.
Our conference concept is designed to give the participants a unique experience and a forum for discussing fresh scientific results while bringing together some of the worlds leading scientists within their fields.

The scientific program is comprised of a mix of traditional and interactive formats designed to maximize knowledge sharing and networking and to stimulate open discussions and interaction between junior and senior researchers.

Each conference is co-hosted by leading investigators from the Novo Nordisk Foundation cluster of research centres. The centres represent strongholds of basic research within metabolism, stem cell biology, protein research and biosustainability and are all located in the Copenhagen Region.


The Novo Nordisk Foundation

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is an independent Danish foundation with corporate interests. The objective of the Novo Nordisk Foundation is twofold: To provide a stable basis for the commercial and research activities conducted by the companies within the Novo Group and to support scientific and humanitarian purposes.

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