Cell Factories & Biosustainability 2015


  • Enzyme Engineering
  • Standardization / Biobricks
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Genome Editing
  • Modeling of Metabolism
  • Cell Factory Applications
  • Applications of Next-Generation Sequencing
  • Genome Synthesis
  • Omics


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Closed for abstract submission!


Rapid development of novel cell factories is currently a main barrier for advancing towards sustainable production of chemicals, materials, and pharmaceuticals. Advancement in computational and experimental methods for detailed phenotypic characterization of cell factories offer the opportunity to significantly reduce the cost and development time for establishment of novel bioprocesses. At this conference there will presentation of state-of-the-art technologies that can accelerate cell factory development, including tools for rapid genome editing, computational identification of metabolic engineering targets, and detailed phenotypic characterization.

    The Speakers

  • Barbara Methe
  • Bernhard Hauer
  • Bernhard Ø. Palsson
  • Chris Voigt
  • Christopher Ryan
  • Derek Lovley
  • Emma Frow
  • Hector Garcia Martin
  • George Guo-Qiang Chen
  • Harris Wang
  • Jim Millis
  • Jennifer Holmgren
  • Lars Angenent
  • Nathan Price
  • Paola Picotti
  • Peter Dürre
  • Susannah Tringe
  • Tiangang Liu
  • Victor de Lorenzo
  • Wolfgang Wiechert

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  • 2900 Hellerup, Denmark

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