Genomics in Metabolism (2013)


  • Genomics of diabetes
  • Epigenetics and metabolism
  • Genomics of obesity
  • Gut microbiome and metabolism
  • Non-coding RNA and epigenetics
  • Epigenetic inheritance

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About the conference

Type 2 Diabetes is a world pandemic with complex aetiology but clearly, genetic and environmental factors are important contributors. New challenges are now in an integrated understanding of these factors and their possible interaction. The Genomics in Metabolism conference is aiming at providing an original perspective of the upcoming Genomics Era which will embrace Genetics, Epigenetics and Metagenomics.

    The Speakers

  • Alan Attie
  • Anne Ferguson-Smith
  • Benjamin Voight
  • Catherine Suter
  • David S. Rosenblatt
  • Dusko Ehrlich
  • Erik A. Miska
  • George Davey-Smith
  • Kari Stefansson
  • Marian Walhout
  • Markus Stoffel
  • Nathalie Delzenne
  • Oliver J. Rando
  • Paolo Sassone-Corsi
  • Philipe Froguel
  • Pål Njølstad
  • Rebecca Simmons
  • Rémy Burcelin
  • Ronald M. Evans
  • Ruth Ley
  • Ruth Loos
  • Steve O’Rahilly

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A Global Challenge

Obesity and diabetes are major threats to global health. It is essential, through excellent research, to create new knowledge to prevent and treat these diseases.

Torben Klein, director, NNF Center for Basic Metabolic Research


Juleen R. Zierath

Romain Barres

Oluf Borbye Pedersen

Niels Grarup

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  • 2900 Hellerup, Denmark

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