Nutrient and Metabolite Sensing


GPCR and Nuclear Nutrient Sensors  

Olfactory and Gustatory Mechanisms

Host-Microbiome Metabolite Interactions

Enteroendocrine and Afferent Vagal Sensing

Auto-paracrine sensing in WAT and BAT

Leukocytes as Metabolite Sensors

Sensing of Metabolites in the CNS

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Nutrient Sensing - Metabolite Signaling

Nutrients and metabolites are generally considered to function mainly as ‘fuels’ or energy sources. However, key metabolites derived from food components, gut microbiota fermentation and from host intermediary metabolism act as important signaling molecules being sensed by intracellular enzymes, and a large number of selective nuclear and cell surface receptors to control metabolism and other functions throughout the body. These metabolite receptors are highly interesting potential novel drug targets.

    The Speakers

  • Barry Levin
  • Bart Staels
  • Daniel Ketelhuth
  • Daniele Piomelli
  • David Greaves
  • Fiona Gribble
  • Eric Verdin
  • David Carling
  • Grahame Hardie
  • Jens Nielsen
  • Jin Shang
  • Joel Elmquist
  • Marc-Emmanuel Dumas
  • Sarkis K. Mazmanian
  • Stefan Offermanns
  • Tony K.T. Lam
  • Vincent Poitout
  • Wolfgang Langhans

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