Protein Signaling - from pathways to networks

Overall topics:

  • DNA damage signaling
  • Cell cycle
  • Disease Pathways
  • Signaling systems network
  • Emerging technologies
  • Ubiquitin-modifiers

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Official arrival date for the conference is Sunday, October 2nd in the afternoon - departure date is Thursday, October 6th in morning.

Most therapeutic drugs are directed against proteins or are proteins themselves, and protein-related technologies promise to revolutionize our understanding of the complex wiring of biological systems. Protein signaling is the eukaryotic cell’s most important regulatory mechanism to appropriately respond to internal and external cues. This intracellular signaling response is mediated by numerous site-specific post-translational modifications (PTMs) of proteins, including phosphorylation, ubiquitylation, and acetylation. Such regulatory PTMs are involved in virtually all signaling pathways that orchestrate fundamental cellular processes including cell cycle progression, apoptosis, the DNA damage response, autophagy, and metabolism. This meeting will bring together world leading researchers in the area of protein signaling. Focus will be on the protein-driven mechanisms that have fundamental roles in many pathological conditions, including cancer, hematopoietic and immune deficiencies, metabolic disorders, and aging. The meeting will also have a strong emphasis on emerging protein technologies that will allow researchers to gain a better understanding of how protein pathways are integrated with signaling networks, and how these coordinate complex biological processes.

    The Speakers

  • Albert Heck
  • Anne-Claude Gavin
  • Brenda Schulman
  • Daniel Durocher
  • Gianni Cesareni
  • Giulio Superti-Furga
  • Ileana Cristea
  • Ivan Dikic
  • James Ferrell
  • Jason Chin
  • Jiri Lukas
  • Julio Saez-Rodriguez
  • Marc Kirschner
  • Matthias Mann
  • Nevan Krogan
  • Oscar Fernandez-Capetillo
  • Ray Deshaies
  • Ronald Hay
  • Steve Jackson
  • Søren Brunak
  • Titia Sixma
  • Wade Harper

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Jakob Nilsson

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  • 2900 Hellerup, Denmark

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