PTMs in cell signaling (2014)


  • Clinical proteomics
  • Chromatin biology
  • DNA damage signaling
  • Cell cycle
  • Disease pathways
  • Signaling systems and networks

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About the conference

Post-translational modifications (PTMs) in cell signaling have evolved as the eukaryotic cell’s most important regulatory mechanism to regulate intracellular protein networks in response to external or internal cues. Site-specific modification of proteins by PTMs such as phosphorylation, ubiquitylation, and acetylation are involved in virtually all signaling pathways that orchestrate fundamental cellular processes including cell cycle progression, apoptosis, the DNA damage response, autophagy, and metabolism. Deregulation of proteins involved in these important cellular responses can often lead to disease, and the enzymes catalyzing addition or removal of PTMs have therefore emerged as promin ttent therapeutic targets. The meeting will focus on the cellular regulation of these fundamental processes by bringing together world leading researchers in the area of PTM functions in different cell signaling networks. 

    The Speakers

  • Alfonso Valencia
  • Chris Sander
  • Eric J. Brown
  • Guillermo Montoya
  • Hanno Steen
  • Henrik Daub
  • Jo R. Morris
  • John Blenis
  • John Diffley
  • Karolin Luger
  • Marcus Bantscheff
  • Margaret Goodell
  • Matthias Mann
  • Michael Yaffe
  • Natalie Ahn
  • Pedro Beltrao
  • Stephen Elledge
  • Tanya Paull
  • Tony Hunter
  • Yang Shi

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Jeremy A. Daniel

Michael L. Nielsen

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  • 2900 Hellerup, Denmark

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