The Stem Cell Niche - Development & Disease

  • Cancer Stem Cells
  • Stem Cells of Mesodermal Origin
  • Reprogramming and Pluripotency
  • Neural Stem Cells
  • Epithelial Stem Cells
  • Directed Differentiation
  • Stem Cells and Regeneration
  • Germ Cells
  • Stem Cells and Progenitors in Embryos
  • Transcriptional Networks and Modelling Decision Making

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The aim of the conference is to provide a niche for presentations of the latest basic research in stem cell and developmental biology and to stimulate exchange of ideas by providing ample time for both formal and informal discussions. The conference theme is the concept of the “niche”, in the broadest possible sense of the word, encompassing all sources of inputs stem and progenitor cells receive from their environment to expand or differentiate. This topic is both important and timely in light of the need for improved therapies against devastating diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular disorders. It is difficult to predict which basic research will lead to major medical breakthroughs, so future applications in medicine will rely on continued strong basic research.

    The Speakers

  • Alexander Van Oudenaarden
  • Allan Spradling
  • Angela Stathopoulos
  • Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis
  • Brigitte Galliot
  • Emmanuelle Passegue
  • Gordon M. Keller
  • Graziella Pellegrini 
  • Hongkui Deng
  • Ken Zaret
  • Michael Elowitz
  • Oliver Brüstle 
  • Rick Young
  • Rudolf Jaenisch
  • Sally Lowell
  • Sean Morrisson
  • Shosei Yoshida
  • Thomas Perlmann
  • Valentina Greco

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